Free 3D living room planners

Do you want to be able to visualise your living spaces in three dimensions? Then we have just the right home planners for you, suitable for designing your new living room and bedroom as well as the hall and the children's nursery. You can choose whether you want to create your 3D design online in your browser or download some freeware to your computer so that you can work offline at home. Here you will find all the best free 3D living room planners for your new home, although if you need a really high quality design created then we recommend you get a professional-standard 3D living room planner.

Online 3D living room planners

This collection of online planners enable you to create your designs for the main living rooms easily in your browser, without any additional installation on your computer.

Roomsketcher Planner

The Roomsketcher online living room planner enables you to create great designs not just for your living rooms, but for most of the rest of the rooms as well. You can plan online in 2D or 3D with this free-to-use planner's wide selection of furniture.

Online floorplanner Roomsketcher


Roomeon 3D room planner

Roomeon does not go straight to lattice models in a 3D CAD view like most floorplanners, but allows the user to create a rough impression of their design ideas for the rooms and furniture first. Just register with the site to gain access to all their creative functions.

Roomeon 3D Planner


Roomstyler interior design

The Roomstyler planner is an extremely sophisticated program with a number of special details, such as the ability to position the 'camera' wherever you wish in order to create the 3D image you want, and a comprehensive and totally customizable selection of items to use.

Roomstyler 3D Floorplanner



You can create your floor plans and design your spaces very quickly with the Floorplanner floorplanner! You do need to register with the website before you start, but the room planner runs in almost any browser.

The Floorplanner 3D


ExhibitCore Floor Planner

The ExhibitCore space planner is designed to be used as a space planning tool for anyone who is laying out an exhibit at a trade show, or indeed the whole event. The detailed floorplans created by this planner can be shared online between those organising the event and although users do need to open an account to use it, doing so is free.

ExhibitCore Floor Planner


IKEA splashplanners

IKEA's Home Planner contains a selection of room planners that allow you to become your own Interior Designer, placing your choice of living space furniture in plans laid out to the exact measurements of your rooms. While the various planners can be used together to get your rooms to look exactly right, you will have to download each different planner separately to gain access to each one's content.

IKEA splashplanners


Roomle Floorplanner

You can plan and develop all your residential spaces online with the Roomle floorplanner, uploading existing floor plans or using those provided. The finished plans can be integrated online to give one complete design for your home. All rooms are displayed in 3D and fully customisable.

Roomle Floorplanner


3D Homestyler

The Homestyler planner drops you straight into the designing and planning of your rooms right from the start, with various templates set up for you that can be adjusted to fit your exact room measurements. The Homestyler graphics are extremely quick to update and it is a very easy program to use.

Homestyler 3D Designer



The La-Z-Boy 3D room planner is extremely quick and easy to use and produces amazing virtual images of your dream designs. You can add windows and doors, change the room shape, add and change floorings and paint colours and customize the furniture's styles and fabrics easily to see how your real room will be when finished.

La-Z-Boy Roomplanner


Icovia space planner

Icovia's 3D space planner offers a comprehensive catalog of products for everything from furniture to lighting fixtures and enables the user to change wall coverings and/or paint colours, floor styles and lighting effects as much as they wish. It gives fully interactive views of the decorating and space planning designs as they are put together.

Icovia space planner 3D


3Dream planner

Online 3D room designs with 3Dream are a dream come true! The planning interface runs in your browser online but once finished designing your space in 3D (or 2D) you can take snapshots of your design to share with friends by email, sharing or printing, it's your choice.

3Dream planner online


Architect Studio 3D

Work with Frank Lloyd Wright on this interactive architectural design website to design your house then share the finished plans with everyone! There is virtual assistance available for planning and you can create a 3D model of all your living spaces.

Architect Studio 3D


3D freeware planners

If you prefer to download software to your computer in order to do your planning offline without needing an internet connection and therefore reducing the risk of others accessing your designs, something from this collection of suitable interior design programs will be perfect for you.

Sweet Home 3D

You can create your rooms and place your furniture in them with only a few mouseclicks when you use the Sweet Home 3D designer. This package includes the ability to input the exact dimensions of each object (not just the room), which means you can recreate any item or piece of furniture with exact accuracy and place it in your plan.

Download Sweet Home 3D


pCon Planner

This planner is a free software download in which you can create professional, complex furnishing plans with photographic realism. Once downloaded and your first plan created, you can exchange graphical data between that and any future plans you design. Start your plans right and they'll be easier to finish right!

get the pCon Planner


Room Arranger

The Room Arranger 3D planner is available for download and installation on Windows PCs as shareware, but is a free download on the Apple iPad. It includes an extensive library of furnishing items with which to create and populate your designs.

Free Room Arranger software


Visual Floorplanner

The Visual Floorplanner is a 3D design package that, once it has been downloaded and installed, allows easy planning with customisable colours and decorations and a good range of furnishing items.

Visual Floorplanner


IKEA Floorplanner

Since IKEA is an international company it's not surprising that its design planning software is available universally, or that it will contain the entire range of IKEA furniture and accessories. Once the software has been downloaded and installed and the plans created, the software will produce a 'shopping list' of the items wanted to upload to the IKEA website for purchase.

IKEA Floorplanner download


Chief Architekt's Room Planner

The Visual Floorplanner is a 3D design package that, once it has been downloaded and installed, allows easy planning with customisable colours and decorations and a good range of furnishing items.

Home Design Software by Chief Architekt


3D living room planners

All the planners on this page will enable you to create a design for your main rooms in three dimensions, you just decide whether you want an online planner or a downloadable freeware program. We hope you will enjoy designing your future home with these planners!

Found another 3D planner?

If you discover a new 3D living room planner that isn't in our collection, whether on the internet generally or perhaps even on your own website, we are always looking for new planners to add to our collection. Simply send us details and a link via our contact form.

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